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Moving is never easy, and local movers have been known to add that extra bit of stress to an already hectic move. But moving home or office a distance away from where you live can be doubly stressful. Many people do not even bother to consider how they are going to move until the very last minute, and then panic and frustration sets in. Here are some of the top reasons why moving a long distance should be handled with care.

A Better Business Bureau rating – Before you sign any contracts with any moving company, check and see if they are a member of a better business bureau. You can trust reputable local movers with your most valuable belongings, simply because they are registered with the Better Business Bureau. Any reputable moving company should be a member. So, check with the BBB as well to see if your moving company is on their rolls.

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Know your average cost – The average cost of moving varies depending on how far away you are from where you live. Local movers will charge more if you move closer to home. Moving from, to or across town to another state is going to cost a lot more than moving within the same city. Local movers will usually offer you a break or discount if you are willing to pay higher rates. Make sure you know the average cost so that you are not surprised upon arrival at your door by a bill for your entire moving costs!

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The legs of heavy furniture like dressers should also be supported by some kind of pad. Some manufacturers make special thin metal legs that conform to the shape of the foot, so that it’s much easier to move large furniture pieces. Another method is to make dolly-style doors from heavy duty plywood or solid lumber. These doors will support the weight of your books, boxes, and even legs much better than regular doors can. Just be sure to make sure the doors are stable before trying to slide anything across them.Best One Piece Moves in York Township, PennsylvaniaUsing a shoulder dolly is another way to move heavy furniture safely. Slinging a heavy box onto a shoulder dolly is one of the most common ways to move furniture. However, it isn’t very secure. Using sliders on the shoulder dolly, instead of trying to slide the box by hand, is a better option. A slipper makes it easier to move furniture, because it can go into small spaces and can go over bumps and obstacles. One of the downsides is that the slippers aren’t very stable and can easily fall off.Best One Piece Moves in York Township, PennsylvaniaSome people use stair lifts to help them move heavy furniture, but these are quite unsafe. Stairlifts are attached to the stairwell and are powered either by the stairs themselves, or electricity. They usually only work on straight and level stairs, and they can’t deal with twists and turns. Using an electric stairlift requires at least two people, and can cost hundreds of dollars. Moving truck, stair lifts, and moving trucks are other good ways to get around, especially if you only need to move heavy furniture a few feet.Affordable Nearby One Piece Moves 17313
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