Labor Only / Loading & Unloading Moving York, PA


Excellent, professional and responsive! The movers took time to carefully load my moving truck, ensuring all items were stacked and secured with great care. Very pleasant!

– Theresa Chance

Need Help With Packing?

When you need labor-only movers during a move or big project, look no further than Stephan’s Moving. We provide both residential and commercial moving services in York, PA and surrounding areas and will take extreme caution when handling your belongings.
While many moving companies charge high rates for sub-par services, we go above and beyond by providing exceptional service and affordable rates for your move. Don’t let a move stress you out. Hire labor-only movers in York, PA and surrounding areas to transport your heavy items.

We’ll Help You Pack And Unpack

While most moving companies in York, PA and surrounding areas just do the heavy lifting, our movers are available to help with any packing and unpacking during your move. We can:
Whether you already have a truck and all the necessary moving supplies or you need to utilize ours, you can count on us to make your move as smooth as possible. Contact us today to discuss your moving needs with a local expert.