The Ultimate Apartment Moving Checklist

Stop stressing and start marking this ultimate apartment moving checklist that we have created for you. Setting up your place takes a lot of time and investment, similarly shifting cannot be done overnight. You do not want to rush moving, as it will increase the chances of ruining your precious and valuable collection of stuff. Our ultimate moving checklist will ensure that you plan, organize and implement your shifting process swiftly and smoothly. It will make your move faster, with less effort and damage. 

A checklist, written or printed, will be your best friend during this period. It will not only help you remember everything that needs to be done but will ease out the pressure and stress on you once you have ticked off a task. So grab a pen and a paper or open a document and start typing your apartment moving checklist with the help of our professional suggestions. 


Apartment Moving Checklist

We have listed all the tasks that need to be done once you have decided to move. You need to perform these tasks according to the timelines.

At 5-6 Weeks 

  • Set your moving date and review your current lease. Sign the lease of your new apartment to make things official, this document will validate your possession date. Review your current lease and give notice to the previous owner, moreover, start taking care of necessary returns (keys or deposits),
  • Take inventory of all of the stuff in your apartment. Check all of the furniture and utensils, decide if you plan on using the same things in the new apartment or if you want to replace them. Make notes of all the things you want to take with you. Move to your clothes and accessories and estimate all the things you will be giving away. You can either donate or sell some stuff. You can start collecting and stacking packing material to expedite the moving process.
  • Plan out the layout of your new apartment. You can check out different inspirations from mood boards on pinterest [1], this will help you decide the things you want to keep, buy and give out. 
  • Book your moving company. Now that you have an idea about the stuff you will be taking with you, selecting the movers and packers will be easier. Take quotations from 4-5 companies and select the one falling in your budget with good reviews and availability on the moving day. You can check our residential moving services to avail reliable and fast moving services.

Notify your friends and family as well, any extra help can be quite handy.


At 3-4 Weeks 

  • Cleanse through your stuff. With your moving date approaching, it is now implementation time of all the planning that you have done from before. Start selling [2] or donating [3] gently used items on different platforms. Discard anything that you don’t need or doesn’t inspire you.
  • Start Packing. Before jumping into packing make an essentials bag, for the items you will need on the day of moving. Moreover, start with packing the stuff you use the least, keep the necessary items to be packed in the end such as coffee machine, essential kitchen utensils etc.

To stay organized label the boxes and make an itemized list of things that you are packing, showing which box contains which category. Some boxes can be labeled according to their room placement as well, to make it easy for the movers to place them.

  • Rent Insurance before moving. Before moving, having rent insurance can be beneficial. Make sure you have the new apartment insured in case of accidents.
  • Arrange for any utilities. Ensure your new apartment has basic necessities such as water, internet, heating, air conditioning or electricity. If anything is missing, make arrangements for it beforehand. Have a utility company help you set up all the necessities.

At 1-2 Weeks 

  • Hold the grocery shopping. You will not be able to move the perishable goods so finishing your pantry items will be a good idea, make meals out of the staples stored in the fridge.
  • Reconfirm from the moving company. Call your moving company and reconfirm their availability for the day of moving.
  •  Clean the old apartment. When you will be leaving your apartment the new or real owner will want to have a clear and clean place. Start the process of cleaning before the moving day so that most of the work is completed and on the day of moving only few cleaning steps are left

Move most of the packed boxes to once place and start by cleaning larger areas not covered by packed up stuff. Once the movers start taking the boxes you can quickly clean the floors making sure that nothing is left behind.

  •  Have cash in hand. Withdraw some cash so that on the day of moving you have some cash in hand to give to the movers.

Moving Day

  • Direct the movers. When the movers arrive, guide them through your stuff. Let them know about the labels on the boxes and how they are to be placed in the new apartment. 
  • Final Sweep. Once all the stuff is taken by the movers, clean the floors and thoroughly check the apartment to make sure you are not leaving anything behind.
  • Check your departure. Meet your old landlord and have a final handover of things and confirm your departure.

After Moving In

  • Clean the new apartment.You might want to clean and disinfect your new place. Clean and disinfect the bathroom and bedroom first. Lay out your own bedsheets on the bed and then start taking out the essential items you will be needing for the first few days, such as toiletries, laptop & charger, cleaning supplies and snacks.
  • Unpack Items. Don’t rush this step, take it easy and try not to pressure yourself into unpacking. Just open the boxes that you will require right away, from your labeling you will be able to identify them.
  • Order takeout. For the initial days you can order food from outside, trying out new food places around your apartment. As the settling in starts you will need to do frequent grocery runs. Take your time settling in. 

Moving process can take a toll on your physical and emotional health, hence it is necessary to plan and organize it, while stopping yourself from taking  too much pressure from it. Our apartment moving checklist will aid you in this process, however, our services will make your moving experience easier. Check out what our previous clients had to say about us.We guarantee you that our professionals will keep your items safe and make moving a good experience for you. 


1. How long will the moving process take?

This depends on how far you are moving and  if you have hired a moving company. Moving without a mover and packer company will take more time. If you are planning and organizing to move in advance it will take time but it will be less stressful.

2. Can I cut moving costs?

You can try simple things to cut costs. Try getting free packing material from retailers or family members. If you have less stuff then friends and family members can help you move rather than hiring a moving company, you can just hire a transportation vehicle. 

3. How do I pack?

Firstly pack an essentials bag so that you have everything that you need in hand. Use your luggage bags, such as a suitcase to pack valuable things, for clothes can be packed in drawers, heavier things can go in small boxes and lighter things like blankets in larger boxes. Make an inventory list of your packed items.





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